Raymond Crossword Book Awards, Celebrating Indian Writing


Exclusively Indian, inclusive in every other sense, the 14th Raymond Crossword Book Awards bring together the entire literary community – readers, authors, booksellers and publishers – like no other awards.

When Raymond Crossword Book Awards was first launched in 1998, the idea was to encourage Indian writing and Indian authors.

Raymond Crossword Book Awards not only recognize and reward good writing, but also actively promote Indian authors and their books – making it the only Indian award of its kind to do so.

The only Literary Award in India for the Indian Authors spread across Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s, Translations and Popular Categories.

This year, the 14th Raymond Crossword Book Award will also look at a few new categories which are added under Popular Award- Readers’

Choice Best Biography Book of the Year, Management Book of the Year, Health & Fitness Book of the Year,
Best Children’s Author of the Year, and a Lifetime Achievement Award.

So rise to the need where the ear enjoys the melody played through the thoughtful words, eyes meet face to the written word, mind is allowed to wonder.

Raymond Crossword Book Award is the only forum in India that gives a face to Indian authors and Indian literature, with a well-rounded jury mining gems from the length and breadth of the country.

Indian authors have added priceless gems in the treasure box of admirable fictional and non-fictional literature from around the world. And Crossword Book Awards honours them by bringing together the entire community –authors, readers, publishers and writers. 

To learn more about the event, and the writing awards, refer the official portal here.


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