Big Boss 10: Salman Khan to Promote Dangal on his Show


Aamir Khan said he wont be going on any TV show to promote Dangal. He recently called a few selected media to screen the special video that traces his amazing body transformation, he’s undergone for Dangal.

At the screening session, while talking to the media, Aamir Khan spoke about a lot of things, including being a part of Salman Khan’s popular show Bigg Boss 10.

Salman has not promoted the film at all, which is surprising given that he always cross-promotes, especially if it’s an Aamir or a Shah Rukh Khan film. While Salman showed support for SRK’s Dear Zindagi, he has not yet said a word about Dangal.

But Aamir clarified that he won’t be going on Bigg Boss 10 at all. “I am not going on television to promote the film. We will have trailer and promo of our film.” He quickly added, “I am sure he loves to promote my film. Even I love to promote his film. I am dying to show him Dangal as well.”

Previously too Salman Khan had promoted Dhoom 3 on Big Boss, sans Aamir. Will he do the same? Or has the fallout made things bitter between the two Khans?



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