Bangalore Weather: Nada Gives Light Rain in City, More Offing


Bangalore Weather – Nada gives light rain in Bangaluru, more in offing: The Nada storm which is now seen as a depression has already given light rains over the city. It has been recorded 6 mm of rain in span of 24 hours from 8:30 am on Thursday. Moreover, expected rains to continue in Bengaluru for another 24 hours but it will be light in nature.

After giving moderate to heavy rains over Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Cyclone Nada is now approaching towards Bengaluru City. The storm which is now seen as a depression has already given light rains over the city.

Cyclone Nada had weakened significantly before approaching land mass and crossed the coastal regions on early morning of Friday as a depression only. It is likely to weaken further into a well-marked low pressure area during the next 12 hours.

At present also, Bengaluru is witnessing cloudy to overcast sky and rains may begin anytime now. The sky of Bangalore is most likely to remain cloudy. The temperature of the city is likely to drop and mild winds are expected to blow.

By looking at the latest developments of weather, Cyclone Nada is most likely to weaken. The weather system will weaken very fast and may become a deep depression or depression as it approaches Tamil Nadu Coast.

After making the landfall the system will continue to track towards west-northwest directions. And in the process it will also affect South Karnataka during next 24 to 48 hours. So after rattling Chennai the system will give rains over South Karnataka including Bangalore city.

Most parts of South Karnataka state will receive fairly widespread light to moderate rains with few parts may receive isolated heavy rainfalls. With respect to the weather system’s downpour, Bangalore city will receive light to moderate rainfall in next 24 to 48 hours. Some rainfall activity may even be witnessed tonight in some parts of Bangalore.

Last rainfall recorded over the city of Bangalore was during the start of November.  Even that time as well the city recorded only light rainfall. Till then dry weather persisted over the city of Bangalore. Source


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